Short Description 

UniAccess is an online portal targeting college students making the transition from high school and facilitating young entrepeneurs.

Project Description 


UniAccess is an online app created mainly for college students and the entities who target such. It serves as a portal of live information and access to analytical decisions which will accomodate the transition from high school, to undergrad and to entrepeneur. With an easily navigated map with intutive icons, students and other users may interact and garner much needed information such as boarding, medical information and of course entertainment. Most of all, students can find investors, be investors and find other professionals interested in their field. With free ads and the ability to add new locations to the map, everyone can change and transform their experience on UniAccess.

This application will reduce the high rate of unemployment, especially that of qualified graduates by providing professional experience, suggestions and analysis. Reducing the countries GDP by mapping new growth and extending investments in to all possible business areas. Assisting marketing, promotion, geo mapping services that have become more than necessary in our fast paced age.

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Additional Support Needed 
Business development
Technical development
Visual/UI design