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Impressive lineup of Guest Speakers for DevCA 2013

The Caribbean Open Data Conference, "Developing the Caribbean" has already established a reputation for combining the biggest Hackathon/Codesprint in the Caribbean with a high quality conference on Open Data and emerging Technologies. DevCA 2013 continues this tradition and boasts an impressive line-up of guest speakers for the April 11-12th event.

Paul Kukubo, the Keynote Guest speaker is the Chief Executive Officer of the Kenya Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Board—a State Corporation under the Ministry of Information and Communications that oversees the development and the marketing of Kenya as an ICT investment destination. In his capacity, Paul has resounding influence in the Kenyan ICT field and has a keen interest in developing the various subsectors such as business process outsourcing; public sector shared services and e-Applications; local content; digital inclusion; and public key infrastructure. Most recent to the list of achievements is the Kenyan Open Data initiativeThe East African Standard, the longest-serving newspaper in its region, has named Paul as one of ‘The Top 100 Most Influential Kenyans to Watch’. With his wealth of experience, he is a regular contributor on technology strategy and publishes his own blog

The mPESA mobile payments platform, the Kenya Open Data Initiative and the Code4Kenya project are highly regarded programs that have enabled Kenya to use ICT as a leverage and catalyst to propel their economy and accelerate the rate of growth and development, and empowerment of citizens. Kukubo's talk on Day1 of DevCA 2013 will share "Perspectives on the Kenyan Open Data Initiative" and it's role in the Kenyan ICT "revolution" and the emergence of what has been dubbed "Silicon Savannah".

Alex Howard is the is the Keynote Guest speaker in the Data Journalism track, one of the major thematic areas of DevCA 2013. Howard is the Washington Correspondent for O'Reilly Media, where he writes about the intersection of government, the Internet and society, including how technology is being used to help citizens, cities, and national governments solve large-scale problems. He is an authority on the use of collaborative technology in enterprises, social media and digital journalism. He has written and reported extensively on open innovation, open data, open source software and open government technology. He has contributed to the National Journal, Forbes, the Huffington Post, Govfresh, ReadWriteWeb, Mashable, Govloop, Governing People, the Association for Computer Manufacturing and the Atlantic, amongst others, and his Blog is widely read.

Howard's talks will anchor the Data Journalism segment of DevCA 2013 on Day 1, where he will address the topics: "Data Journalism - Emerging trends, best practice and global leaders" and "The changing role of the Journalist - the art of storytelling using Open Data"

Professor Sameer Verma addresses the technical segment of DevCA 2013 on Day 2. Sameer is professor of Information Systems at San Francisco State University where his research focuses on the diffusion and adoption of innovative technologies. He is currently working on several academic research projects which include the diffusion of open source software, sustainable IT in rural and remote environments, and the impact of offline networks. Professor Verma is on the Board of Directors of the Drupal Association. He also serves on the advisory boards of WiRED International, The Center for Ethical and Sustainable Business (CESB) at SF State, some San Francisco Bay Area technology companies. He is also the founder of the Commons Initiative at SF State, the One Laptop per Child San Francisco community, the One Laptop per Child Jamaica community and an institutional partner at the Center of Excellence, University of the West Indies, Jamaica.

Prof Verma will address the topic: Drupal and the Semantic Web: Weaving Data to build a Commons across Community, Enterprise and Government" where he speaks about the Web as a fabric of connectedness, and the use of platforms like Drupal to build the semantic Web the way it was meant to be, that can support a digital commons across community, enterprise and government for generations to come.

Deika Morrison is a graduate cum laude of the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science in Economics from The Wharton School and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Environmental Systems from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. She also holds a Master of Science in Engineering degree from Harvard University and an MBA degree from The Wharton School. A former Senator and Deputy Finance Minister, she has had a range of experiences in the public and private sector. She is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Mdk Advisory and Consulting Ltd, as well as of Moonstone Blue Ltd (publisher of the Made in Jamaica Catalogue). She is also the founder of Do Good Jamaica, a non-governmental organization that supports and promotes civil society organizations. Do Good Jamaica's major project, Crayons Count, supports early childhood education by providing learning kits to basic schools across Jamaica and raising awareness of the importance of early childhood education. .

Deika speaks in the Data Journalism segment of DevCA 2013 on Day 1 and will address the topic: " The Gleaner Makes Information Accessible"" where she talks about the Gleaner's digJamaica project as an example of local and regional media-houses beginning to take advantage of increasingly available sources of data to present news and information in a non-traditional way, that make liberal use of visualizations and infograohics.

See the Full Programme for the Jamaica Leg of DevCa 2013.