Market Readiness Profile

Short description 

An app that gives producers a comparative assessment of their business and/or product viz market requirements/trends.

Crisis statement 

Most small and medium-sized enterprises in the Caribbean have really great ideas or products that struggle at market acceptance and penetration/participation as a result of non-conformity of the product/brand as well as inconsistencies between production/business systems and the market/consumer. Interventions are already underway through capacity building and sensitization initiatives to help alleviate this problem but they suffer from the spatial limitations in reaching the large population of small producers - many of whom produce agricultural/food products. This online platform would serve as a one-stop-shop/compendium on market requirements and gives producers something of a checklist to guage their level of conformance (business operations and/or product) against the prevailing market requirements (e.g. export requirements, market trends, price info, buyer contact/profile, etc.) for their category (e.g. seafood, fresh-packed, condiment, frozen meat product, etc.). In this way, producers can more accurately tune their operations for improved market participation. 

Needs statement 

This requires coordination at the national and regional level to compile:

1. buyer/importer profile and contact info

2. export market intelligence (license and other export requirements, prices, seasonality, etc.) that would influence market access 

It could be started up at the national level and then feed into a regional effort.

Impact statement 

Through the myriad governmental and development agencies directly linked to entrepreneurship, business and agriculture and rural development, this app would have a wide user-base and significantly support outreach and capacity-building initiatives of the same.