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Jamaica Tourism Marketing Advisor

Short Description 

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An application that depicts tourism trends within a tourism industry.

Project Description 



To develop an application which will take raw data published by the Jamaica Tourist Board monthly/ annually and present it in an organized manner that will enable the user to query, examine and analyze stopover tourist trends and use the results to make critical decisions that will impact the tourism industry. The application will be able to depict trends such as the country of origin with the most visitors per month, seasonal trends, and also aid in identifying important emerging market niches.



·         The application will allow the user to generate different views of the data collected by selecting simple filtering controls.

·         The user will be able to view data in a meaningful way with various graphical instruments based on the users filtering criteria.

·         Easy to use interface

·         Portable on all platforms needed by users.

·         The application will manage records stored in a Relational Database Management System with access to only authorized users.

Additional Support Needed 
Business development
Technical development
Visual/UI design
Project Participants