DevCA: How



Idea Sourcing:
In the months before the conference, thematic areas and databases will be sourced from participating organizations.

Solution sharing:
In the weeks leading up to the conference, experts, researchers and the wider civil society will be encouraged to “think aloud” about solutions to common challenges identified, or even post their own problems. This will provide a catalyst for developers to contemplate solutions to the various problems and ideas.

Code sprint begins:
After an initial period of orientation in the social challenges chosen by experts in the area, and exposure to the available Open Data APIs, the teams of developers will have 24 hrs to work on designing and developing innovative applications for tackling a range of problems identified.

Code sprint judging:
Three teams of experts will evaluate and identify national and regional champions. Awards will include mobile phones, international training and networking opportunities with other international groups. Moreover, as the applications will be developed using Open Source formats, all the applications created during the event will be made available for further improvements, modifications, and implementation, ultimately helping overcome the problems of the countries and citizens of the Caribbean.

The  independent country codesprints  will be synchronized and developers will collaborate through live video streaming of all presentations, shared idea and problem pool and other communication tools. Also, interest groups from other territories will be encouraged to participate virtually. Moreover, the sites hosting conferences will be recorded and the live stream opened up to the public.