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A Hotel mobile locator and referral App

Short description 

How does the discerning tourist with special niche interests find out about Jamaica's best kept secrets

Crisis statement 

Many small hotels, properties and attractions in Jamaica don't have the resources to be featured in major tourist promotional channels and hence rely on word-of-mouth referals for their patronage.

Needs statement 

A location-aware mobile application that provides the abililty to search for and locate hotels, or other tourist attractions using various criteria.  It also provides a referral/recommender function that allows guests to rate or comment on a hotel or attraction at which they have stayed.

Impact statement 

This App will be enabled by the release of Open Data (geo-coded) about national tourism assets including hotels, attractions, craft markets, etc. The App should be freely available from the Jamaica Tourist Board's website. It could be funded by  a small advertising revenue model that allows various small hotel properties and tourist attractions to subscribe and have their message broadcast on this channel to mobile users, perhaps in a location-sensitive manner.