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Fishing Efficiency Profile

Short description 

An app that would generate efficiency assessments of fishing tactics (gear, bait, location) to guide fishers in improving their practices.

Crisis statement 

Daily, fisherfolk in the Caribbean utilize a large range of information in the business of fishing. They must formulate a fishing strategy, reflective in a fishing tactic(s) - i.e. the combination of gear, vessel, bait, location and other factors  - which determines the outcome of a fishing trip. Although annecdotally fishers show a great degree of experimentation in tactics, the efficacy of these are not often recorded for use in improving overall fishing practices so that sustainable positive results in catch/yield and net return are attained. There is need for more careful review and sharing of data on what tactics work and for which species so that fishing effort can be more effectively spent.

Needs statement 

Fishers and Fisheries management officials would need to keep a record of ex ante targets and tactics (as defined above) and the outcome of fishing trips. This app would provide the digital infrastructure for record as well as computation of trip efficacy for a particular or several species of fish. In this way, fishers and fisheries management officials can experiment on tactics and practices to improve successful fishing trips.

Impact statement 

The efficacy of targeting strategies employed by artisanal fishers, as evidenced by the ability to land an ex ante target species is important to improving the efficacy of fishing practices. The benefits are two-fold: firstly, fishers are better able to manage costs and avoid over-spending (time, resources, etc.) in going after a/several target specie; and secondly, there is the avenue for reduction in by-catch and discards through the closer allignment of tactics and target. This would be beneficial to sustainable livelihoods and natural resource management.