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Farma Bredren (Farm Management System)

Short description 

Making it easier to report instances of praedial larceny and for government agencies to update information about crops in Jamaica.

Crisis statement 

Praedial larceny is a very serious problem in Jamaica, however there is no means of "sounding an alarm" when a theft occurs and there is also very little data on the crops stolen and where they are stolen from.

Additionally the Rural Agriculture Development Agency, RADA, has a hard time updating their records as the farmers outnumber the District Officers sent out by the agency. Also, when in the field, the District Officers do not have an convenient means of updating farm information. By streamlining the process of collecting data and providing an app to collect data, the District Officers can do their job more effectively and information being fed into the app can be more consistent.

Farmers also have a problem of advertising the type and amount of produce they have available. This is an issue because if farmers do not have a means of advertising their stock, farming will not be profitable. As such Jamaican farmers will continue to close down because of the lack of revenue generated.

Needs statement 

To address the problems outlined above there will need to be a more efficient means of sharing information about occurences of praedial larceny in Jamaica which is easily accessible and more effective than spreading through word of mouth.

In order to battle the problem of inefficient cataloging of crops and farm data, District Officers will need a device which they can carry with them into the field. By having a device with them in the field District Officers can instantly upload updates to the database and more effectively keep the data up to date.

To keep up with advances in technology worldwide Jamaican farmers will need to utilize more modern means of promotion in advertising their products. This includes the use of social media networks and applications which people can utilise to quickly and easily locate farmers nearby

Impact statement 

The hacked solutions would connect with institutions such as RADA and assist with keeping their information up to data. Farma Bredren allows District Officers to enter and update crops from different farms and keep them in a secure database. This facilitates easier collection of information. Infarma allows farmers to report praedial larceny and by extension create awareness of crime in each area.