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Community Police In Trinidad and Tobago

Short Description 

Team: hereforthefood

A community policing application that allows for anonymous reports on criminal activity

Project Description 

Problem Space

The description of the problem domain will be provided in the following three brief ways. Firstly, the traditional approach to fighting crime is limited due to evidence only being collectable after the crime has occurred from the actual scene of the crime and/or eyewitness accounts. Secondly, historical information of criminal acts is generally not readily available to the public in an easily consumable format.  Finally, eyewitnesses are generally reluctant to report crime due to their identity information needing to be recorded as part of the police report protocol. Other secondary, but important, problems include a severe lack in quality of collected crime data with respect to the absence of location data. Effectively highlighting crime hotspots can be made more tedious without specific locations as to where crime is constantly occurring. 


Project Participants