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Citizen Report Card and Community Score Card

Short description 

Can a mobile app be developed to help with Citizen Report Cards and Community Score Cards? Public services can be more constituent driven.

Crisis statement 

Citizen Report Cards are participatory surveys that provide quantative feedback on user perceptions on the quality, adequacy and efficiency of public services. They go beyond just being a data collection exercise to being an instrument to exact public accountability through the extensive media coverage and civil society advocacy that accompanies the process.

Community Score Cards are qualitative monitoring tools that are used for local level monitoring and performance evaluation of services, projects and even government administrative units by the communities themselves. The community score card (CSC) process is a hybrid of the techniques of social audit, community monitoring and citizen report cards. Like the citizen report card, the CSC process is an instrument to exact social and public accountability and responsiveness from service providers. However, by including an interface meeting between service providers and the community that allows for immediate feedback, the process is also a strong instrument for empowerment.

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Needs statement 

We need an easier way for government and public agencies to be able to respond to their users. Tools are required to enable participatory monitoring & evaluation (PM&E). Can, for instance, an SMS gateway be harnessed to support and enhance the "interface meeting" between service providers and the communities which they serve in a way that allows for immediate feedback?

Impact statement 

A hacked solution can go a long way in demonstrating how to exact public accountability and empowerment very tangibly because it is important to show stakeholders how a solution will work by demonstrating it to them with functioning examples. The solution will facilitate the use of live examples to enhance participation and civic engagement. A functioning and scalable solution will be used by the SlashRoots community as a public engagement tool that provides project based monitoring and evaluation.