Short description 

How do tourists find secure, reliable transportation services of the right kind (taxi, bike/car-rental, tour-bus) on-demand.

Crisis statement 

Tourists to Jamaica who take the opportunity to venture beyond the confines of the all-inclusive package and explore the rich cultural immersion experiences that the island has to offer, will often need to be able to locate transportation services of various kinds, on-demand. The  ability to engage with licensed, reputable operators at the right price is important from a security and service delivery perspective.

Needs statement 

This mobile App will provide a location-sensitive map of registered and available transportation service operators of various kinds (bike or car rentals, individual taxi operators, tour bus operators, etc.) ; Communications via SMS will enable to tourist to broadcast and solicit transportation services when needed. Prospective providers can respond to a request, and the App will provide an estimate of the standard rates for the service.  Licensed transportation service providers can opt-in to making their contact information and geographic location available through the App.

Impact statement 

This App will be enabled by the release of Open Data (geo-coded) about licensed transportation providers (taxis, rentals, tour operators) and their operating locations. The App should be freely available from the Jamaica Tourist Board's website.