Blaze Bartender

Short description 

By the bar, hotel, club or otherwise, you shout at the bartender to get you your favourite drink. He doesnt hear you and gives you a bad mix

Crisis statement 

This is an issue that matters to tourists who come to Jamaica to relax and enjoy themselves. They would like to simply, place a drink order at the bar they are currently at and have themselves a nice drink. Quite frequently this isnt the case and we hope to rectify that

Needs statement 

Simply put, we need a service to alert the bartender to our request. A simple ordering queue and a ticketing system to track the progress of the drink order is all thats needed to have this done.

Impact statement 

This solution would, provide a secure means by which clients can order and pay for their drinks, a means by which the bartender/bartenders can track the status of drink orders and a way in which the establishment using the solution can track customer behaviour and their own spending.